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Scams in Singapore – A Legal Perspective (Part 3)

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You’ve just realized you’ve been scammed. That transaction or investment you made was a sham. What should you do now? The sooner you act, the better you will be able to protect yourself and others. It may be difficult to recover all of your stolen funds, but recovery is about more than just recouping your […]

Scams in Singapore – A Legal Perspective (Part 2)

person holding out cash to another person

It can be challenging for new investors to navigate the waters and prevent being taken advantage of. Before you invest your money in anything, educate yourself on how to spot investment scams. This is the best way to avoid them. Is the investment scheme one that offers high returns with little to no risk? Is […]

Scams in Singapore – A Legal Perspective (Part 1)

scam highlighted with pink

Business scams are unlawful activities carried out by a person or a business that is done dishonestly or unethically. This form of commercial fraud is frequently intended to benefit the person or corporation committing it. Business scams go beyond the purported responsibilities of an employee and are distinguished by their intricacy and financial impact on […]

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