Our Awards & Recognitions

Our Awards

Global Lex-Falcon Award 2022

Siraj Shaik AzizAwardee of the Lex-Falcon Award 2022 (“Under 10 years” Category) for positive impact on the legal industry.

We are proud to announce that our Of-Counsel, Siraj Shaik Aziz, was conferred the Global Lex Falcon Award 2022 (under 10 years category) at the LexTalk World Conference in Dubai, UAE 2022 on 25 March 2022. He was nominated and selected for the award among 100 legal luminaries from across the world for outstanding work and contribution in the legal field. 

Siraj is humbled by this recognition and thanks LexTalk World, the Society Of Indian Law Firms (SILF), the Indian Institute Of Arbitration and Mediation, the ASIA PACIFIC CENTRE FOR ARBITRATION AND MEDIATION (APCAM), and the Global Lawyers Association (GLA) for this recognition. He is also grateful to Walter Silvester and Silvester Legal LLC for the encouragement and opportunities.

The Singapore’s Finest

We are proud to announce that Silvester Legal LLC has been selected and featured in The Singapore’s Finest – Services for the following categories due to our online reviews, clients’ recommendations and credibility:


A Law Society of Singapore recognition scheme for law firms harnessing technology for productivity.

About SmartLaw: We are pleased to announce that Silvester Legal LLC has been recognised as a SmartLaw Singapore Law Practice by the Law Society of Singapore. The SmartLaw recognition is awarded to law firms that have adopted technology to improve and increase productivity. Our firm has over the years adopted several technologies, and online research tools. The adoption of technologies and research tools has enabled us to improve our work and to increase our efficiency. This has enabled us to provide sterling services and care to our Clients.