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Who does a Director owe duties to?

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While being invited to join a Board is exciting and definitely a step-up for many, tread with care. Directors have duties and responsibilities, and you should be aware of these before you join a Board. Your fiduciary duties as a director reflect a relationship of trust and loyalty between yourself, the company, its members, and […]

Important questions to ask before joining a Board of Directors

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Many aspiring directors take the step of joining a board without sufficiently reflecting on the possible risks in terms of personal financial liability and reputational damage — and without properly investigating the organization, sector and people involved. It is not uncommon to hear directors reflect that if they’d known what they were letting themselves in […]

Red flags to look out for when asked to be a Director of a company

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Directors’ duties can be onerous. It is essential for would-be directors to conduct thorough due diligence by taking into account the legal, financial and business standing of the company in question. Although some of these questions may be uncomfortable to ask, they are important to pose before attaching your name and reputation to any professional […]

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