Client Testimonials


Welcome to Silvester’s Client section. Designed to provide clients the opportunity to share their story and to learn what others have to say about the level of service we provide.

Very Good Commercial Litigation Lawyer

 “My company had a complicated and potentially sensitive matter with an ex-employee which was threatening to cause serious damage to the Company’s reputation. Walter handled the matter expertly and within months, had applied successfully for summary judgment against the ex-employee. The Order we received from the High Court Judge ensured that there was no further harm to the Company. We also won costs. Walter is a very good commercial litigation lawyer. We will be using him again for any company matter.”


Commercial Litigation client, 2017

Highly Recommended

“Walter was recommended for a legal problem that I had been unable to resolve for some time. It involved a foreign debtor overseas and was potentially complicated. Walter has the matter resolved with the minimum of fuss and cost. I am glad I approached him. I would recommend him very highly!”


Commercial claim client, 2017

Well Versed

“I have been using Walter for my commercial matters for some years now. He does an excellent work with agreements and is also well versed in disputes.”


Commercial and Litigation client since , 2011

Stress Free

“I approached Walter with what could have been a complicated divorce. He ensured that the matter was kept simple and had it concluded quickly with minimal cost and fuss. It was as stress free as a divorce could be! I commend him for his professional service.”


Divorce Client, 2016

Good Lawyer

“Walter was recommended when I was contemplating divorce. Walter advised me on the various options available and also recommended counselling as there were children involved. He in fact encouraged counselling. I am happy to say that counselling helped and I remain married and happily so. He is not just a good lawyer. He also gives his perspective as a father and a friend and I value that.”


Divorce Client, 2016

Smart & Effective

“I have known Walter for many years. He handles all my commercial, corporate and litigation matters. Recently he handled a criminal matter for an associate. He is an extremely good lawyer; smart and effective.”


Commercial, corporate and litigation since , 2012

The Winner

“My divorce was messy and bitter. Walter’s level headed approach was greatly appreciated. He won the orders that I was looking for and avoided escalating the matter or making it costly of more complicated than it should be. Not all lawyers are sharks. Some are genuinely nice and Walter is one of them. If you want to avoid drama and at the same time get the orders that are important to you, I would recommend you engage Walter. Walter’s expertise as an Advocate and compassion as a fellow human being guided me through the darkest time of my life and I emerged a better person. Perhaps I did not say it then, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t say it now. Thank you so much for everything, Walter.”


Divorce Client, 2011


“When I decided to proceed with divorce, I approached Walter on a recommendation. The divorce was as painless as it could be and I am extremely grateful to Walter for that.”


Divorce client, 2016

Good Understanding

“My divorce is a distant memory and I am happily remarried with children. I would recommend Walter not only for his good work but his understanding shown to the stress that I was facing at the time, including successfully getting a PPO order.”


Divorce Client, 2014

 Professional and Discrete

“When the time came for me to part ways with my wife I approached Walter. He was professional and discrete. The divorce went through with minimal fuss. I am grateful that I approached him as I have heard of many people who did not have good experiences with their lawyers. I can safely assure you that this will not happen with this particular lawyer.”


Divorce client, 2015

Well-written Mitigation

“When I was charged, I was notified by the policeman that almost all persons facing my charge would face a custodial sentence. Walter worked very hard to mitigate my plea. The Judge said on a few occasions, “This is a very well-written mitigation” . To my immense relief, I was given only a fine. I cannot thank Walter enough for never giving up and trying his very best till the very end to save me from a custodial sentence.”


Criminal Charge client, 2017

Professional & Trustworthy

“I did some research on the 2 charges I received. I was facing a minimum of 2 weeks per charge. That was a total of a month! Walter worked hard at mitigating before the Judge and I was gratified when the Judge only sentenced me to a total of 1 week. Walter is very thorough and professional. He leaves no stone unturned and I trust him explicitly.”


Criminal Charge client, 2017

Expert & Highly Recommended

“I work for a listed company and needed to have an international agreement for services finalised urgently. Walter was recommended. Hearing of the urgency of the matter he came to my office the next day and we had a discussion. Walter took the trouble to understand exactly what we required in the agreement. Everything went according to schedule. I will use him again for further legal work and would recommend him to anyone looking for such expertise.”



Director, Corporate Client , 2017

Good Matrimonial Lawyer

“Walter was recommended when I decided to switch lawyers in the middle of a complicated and costly divorce. My previous lawyer was from one of the biggest and famous divorce practices in Singapore but I felt that I was not receiving the level of service my case demanded. Walter took over and had the matter concluded within months. I received the orders I applied for and was given care and control of my child by the Court, which was the most important thing to me. Walter is a very good divorce lawyer and I would not hesitate to recommend him.”


Divorce client, 2015