Voluntarily Causing Hurt, Part II

As mentioned in “What is Voluntarily Causing Hurt: Part I,” the element of intention or knowledge that it is likely to cause hurt or grievous hurt must be present in order to be charged under this section. However, it is possible for a situation to arise where the offender has neither the intention or the […]

Voluntarily Causing Hurt, Part I

Voluntarily causing hurt cases often appear in the newspapers in Singapore and lies along a wide spectrum with regards to the nature and harm of the hurt inflicted. Given the myriad of circumstances that form voluntarily causing hurt cases, it is hard to predict the consequent punishment. However, it is certain that the Court considers […]

Criminal Process, Part VI: Upon Conviction

This is the last stage of this 6-part series. If an accused is found guilty after trial or pleads guilty before trial, this is where the sentence is decided by the judge. If an accused is found guilty after trial or pleads guilty before trial, this is where the sentence is decided by the judge. […]

Criminal Process, Part V: Criminal Trial

We set out below what happens during a trial. A trial is a very fluid process. The unexpected can happen and lawyers have to be experienced and be quick on their feet to deal with these contingencies. In any case, below is the usual trial process. Commencement of Prosecution’s Case A criminal trial will usually […]

Criminal Process, Part IV: Before Trial

In this 4th of this 6-part series, we let you know what happens when an accused chooses to stand trial.   Pre-Trial Conference The accused may choose to claim trial during the mention of his/her case. Or the accused may need more time to consider what to do or consult with a lawyer before deciding. […]

Criminal Process, Part III: After the First Mention/Pleading Guilty

This is the 3rd of this 6-part series on the criminal process. Here, we will look at what happens after an accused has been charged.   Engaging a lawyer In almost every case, it would be beneficial to engage a lawyer to assist the accused with his/her case. Of course, there may be some cases […]

Criminal Process, Part II: Formal Bringing of Charges

This 2nd part of the criminal process looks at what happens during/after the investigations and the police decide that they are going to recommend that the accused be charged. Receive formal charge at the police station At any time during the investigation, or once investigations are complete, the police may decide to charge an individual. This […]

Criminal Process, Part I: Forming a Charge

In the first of this 6-part series of articles on the Criminal Process, we look at what happens at the very beginning of the criminal process.   First Information Report (FIR) The First Information Report (“FIR”) is the first document prepared by the police containing information that the police received about an alleged commission of […]

Drink Driving: 1st Offence

Unfortunately, drink driving is not an uncommon charge. All it takes is a single error of judgment and you could find yourself facing a drink driving charge.   The punishment for a drink driving charge depends on many factors; primarily the concentration of alcohol, manner of driving and any damage caused. The Court will take […]

Amendments to The Criminal Procedure Code And Evidence Act: Part I

The Criminal Justice Reform and Evidence (Amendment) Bills were passed in Parliament on 19 March 2018. As stated by Indranee Rajah S.C. Minister of State for Law and Finance, these Bills build on the several changes made in the last few years to the criminal justice system.   In this article, the first of a series […]