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Walter Silvester

Bachelor in Laws • National University of Singapore Bachelor of Business Administration • National University of Singapore

You want a lawyer whose legal skills were honed at top firms; Lee & Lee, Joseph Tan Jude Benny and Rajah & Tann. Walter was given the opportunity to appear as lead counsel in High Court trials and appeals before the Court of Appeal early in his career and has not looked back. A prolific litigator, Walter offers clients practical advice with his clients’ interest always foremost in his mind. Walter is also experienced in arbitration at the SIAC and SCMA.

  • Mitora Pte Ltd v Agritrade International (Pte) Ltd [2012] SGHC 178
  • Yip Holdings Pte Ltd v Asia Link Marine Industries Pte Ltd [2012] 1 SLR 131; [2011] SGHC 227
  • ATS Specialized Inc. (trading as ATA Wind Energy Services) v LAP Projects (Asia) Pte Ltd [2012] SGHC 173
  • Deldar Tony Singh and another v Rajinder Singh and others [2012] SGHCR 13
  • Coca International Singapore Co Pte Ltd v Bio-Care Grease Control Pte Ltd [2017] SGDC 315
  • TIC v TID [2017] SGHCF 30
  • Omae Capital Management Pte Ltd v Tetsuya Motomura [2015] SGHCR 8
  • UUO v UUP [2019] SGFC 44
  • Leong Yim Ling v Moey Park Moon [2019] SGHC 26
  • TIC v TID [2019] 1 SLR 180; [2018] SGCA 75
  • UUE v UUF [2019] SGFC 29
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