Siraj Shaik Aziz

Siraj Shaik Aziz



Siraj graduated from SMU in 2015 and has particular expertise in Criminal Defence. Siraj honed his expertise in criminal litigation as a Criminal Legal Aid Scheme (“CLAS”) Fellow. He has acted for close to 100 Clients over a range of Penal Code and non-Penal Code offences (including white collar and regulatory offences) before the State Courts and Supreme Court.

Siraj Shaik Aziz has expertise in criminal defence work far beyond what his PQE may suggest. His exposure to Court work is considerable as he was with the Criminal Legal Aid Scheme office for 2 years representing close to 120 accused persons at the State Courts and Supreme Court.

An experienced trial lawyer, he has successfully secured conditional warnings, community-based sentences, and acquittals for his clients at both pre-and post-trial stages for Penal Code and other regulatory offences. Siraj is a member of the Law Society’s Criminal Practice Committee and Criminal Legal Aid Scheme Committee, providing aid and time to various community stakeholders.

Since joining us, Siraj has also started to develop expertise in civil & commercial litigation. He has advised and acted for individuals and corporate clients as lead counsel before the State Courts and Supreme Court in contractual disputes, director/shareholder disputes, intellectual property infringement and tortious claims. Siraj is a safe pair of hands. His results for clients since he has been with us has been very impressive. He won his very first High Court trial for a minority oppression suit within a year of joining us against a much more experienced senior litigator.


Before Siraj was on my case, I was facing up to 10-12 months in jail for motor insurance fraud and I was prepared to PG. Siraj helped to write to Prosecution with all the documents about my family situation which made me offend and about the delay in investigations. Siraj convinced Prosecution to ask for a 3-month jail sentence instead and I am able to move on with my life faster.

MH, 20 September 2020

I was facing 2 charges for hitting and insulting a police officer when drunk which will normally mean a jail term. Siraj helped me to write to Prosecution to ask for a warning with conditions and he advised me on the documents I needed to prepare. I got a warning letter in the end. Thanks a lot for your past help!

LSY, 20 September 2020

I claimed to trial for 2 charges over a road rage incident. Siraj went into every detail of the incident from the measurements of my vehicle to the distance from where the other party was causing damage to my vehicle. He took the effort to come down after office hours to do a re-enactment of what happened. Documentation was well-prepared before court hearing. I was prepared for my trial. In the end, I got acquitted for one charge and the other charge was reduced for which I only paid a fine.

SHD, 20 September 2020

I was facing 1 CDSA charge and 9-10 months jail before Siraj was assigned to my case. Siraj helped me write to Prosecution and get them to agree to probation even though I was an adult. I am grateful for his assistance and for giving me a second chance in life to change.

TMK, 20 September 2020

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