Lianhe Zaobao recently did a story cover of one of our cases.  An excerpt, taken from the article on Lianhe Zaobao, can be read as follows:

The downstairs unit owner pointed out that the water leaked from the master room of the upstairs unit, causing his tenant to terminate the lease and let him suffer losses. The upstairs owner pointed out that when the downstairs unit repaired the house by grouting, the damaged waterproof membrane caused water leakage. The two households hired a waterproof expert to test and submit a report to the tiered land lease bureau to make a decision before the dispute was resolved.

The two apartment people upstairs and downstairs have been unable to cope with the water leakage dispute for about four years. The two sides will not hesitate to check the experts and still cannot solve the problem. Eventually, they will have to pay for the lawyers to deal with the problem. ”

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