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Common Shareholder and Director Disputes

Typical disputes between Shareholders and Directors

a. Conflicts of interest

b. Breaches of fiduciary duty

c. Allegations of mismanagement

d. Dividend distribution disagreements

e. Governance concerns

f. Information disclosure issues

g. Disputes over major corporate decisions

These disputes are often complex and require astute legal guidance.

Our expertise shines through real-world examples and case studies, illustrating the multifaceted nature of these disputes. At Silvester Legal LLC, we excel in unravelling these complexities and providing strategic solutions that lead to resolution.

Are these issues complex?

Shareholder-Director conflicts are highly complex and can impact not only the parties involved but also the entire company. Shareholders represent ownership, while Directors represent the board or key managerial personnel.

Disputes between them can lead to financial consequences. Resolving these disputes is challenging due to the value both parties bring to the company. The only solution is to reach an amicable settlement, a difficult task.

This complexity makes Shareholder-Director disputes a significant issue.

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