Over the years, the issue of personal data has been coming to the fore. Since its enactment in 2016, the Personal Data Protection Act has been a growing concern for many businesses. Your business may have no ill-intent in respect of the personal data of your customers but this does not excuse you from the obligations under the PDPA.

It was recently reported in the media that as of late 2019, the Personal Data Protection Commission had levied a record $1.28 million in fines to 26 companies, mostly from 3 industries; finance, retail and non-profit.

The General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) under the EU is now in force and becomes relevant for companies in international business.

As the protection of personal data becomes more prevalent and important in society, companies and individuals need to understand their rights and obligations under the PDPA. We have experience in this and will advise accordingly.


Silvester Legal LLC will perform an audit of your company’s personal data practices to ensure that your company is on the right side of the Law and your company practices are compliant with statutory obligations under the PDPA.


“My company was thinking to start a new business but were unsure of the laws and regulations for what we were thinking of. We approached Silvester Legal LLC. They conducted a PDPA audit for our website and also drafted for us a letter of advice which helped us in dealing with regulatory matters with the authorities. The commercial law team at Silvester Legal LLC is excellent and highly recommended. We will definitely be coming back to Silvester Legal LLC for all our commercial matters [Read More]

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“We sincerely appreciate the time & effort Walter have spent in discussion and guiding us. We needed a PDPA audit for our website. He met us and explained what our PDPA obligations are as an organisation. On top of the audit, he also prepared a letter of advice got help us understand better. Highly recommend the team at Silvester Legal LLC for PDPA audit.
Walter and his team were professional , knowledgeable, friendly and pro-active. The whole process was made incredibly easy thanks to the excellent service provided [Read More]

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