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Eileen Quek

Marketing Manager


Resourceful, Adaptable, Result-Driven

I believe that by adapting the executions well, the right marketing knowledge can be applied across various industries. As a result, I have excelled in all of my marketing and advertising roles in a variety of industries, from finance to advertising, retail to unions.

In addition to marketing and advertising, I have also led major projects at NTUC, including the U Associate Thought Leadership Seminar, which focuses on engaging thought leaders from various fields and industries. The goal of the U Associate Thought Leadership Seminar was to create an engaging environment that would encourage idea cross-pollination. Aside from that, I was a key member of the team that achieved record sales for Robinsons Singapore from 2006 to 2010 through innovative marketing ideas and tactics.

At Silvester Legal, I aim to connect our firm to our Clients, providing legal insights and knowledge so that Clients will be equipped with the relevant knowledge and thus be better protected, legally.


Amalia Suhaimi

Marketing & Client Services

Innovative, Strategic, Driven

I am a marketing and communications professional with over fifteen years of experience in the airline industry specialising in customer experience, brand and reputation management, strategic planning, media relations, and social media strategy. I enjoy creating great stories to inspire conversations and drive business results for brands.

I established and led the first Delta Air Lines Asia Pacific Media and Communications team, working closely with the global leadership team to build and promote brand and employee engagement in Singapore and the United States. I represented Delta and the Executive Officers in written and verbal communication with their high-valued corporate customers. In addition, I have led an Executive Business Summit, as well as several organizational events and fundraising initiatives.

At Silvester Legal, I develop outcome-focused marketing and communication strategies in helping the firm achieve improved business results. I also work on more strategic tasks like identifying new business opportunities and ways to improve efficiency and profitability.


Wirda Noor


Intuitive, Resilient, Ingenuity

I am a legal professional with close to a decade of litigation experience and a background in arbitration, debt recovery, personal injury claims, tort, professional negligence, criminal litigation, and dispute resolution, including but not limited to, shareholders’ disputes, indemnity claim disputes, contractual and employment disputes. I assisted in a variety of litigation matters at all levels of Courts in Singapore including the Singapore International Commercial Court, the Singapore International Arbitration Centre, and other tribunals.

My experience in the legal profession has moulded me into a meticulous, self-motivated, and hardworking individual. I thrive under pressure, and I adapt to challenges with ingenuity and resilience.

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