Low Hong Quan

Low Hong Quan



Hong Quan graduated from SMU in 2013 and has been involved with a wide array of litigation matters with the aim of gaining as much experience as possible. 

Hong Quan is Associate Director, Civil Litigation and Matrimonial. Hong Quan is meticulous and leaves no stone unturned for his clients. Some of the matters that Hong Quan handles include shareholders’ disputes, estate disputes, contested matrimonial disputes between high net-worth individuals and matters involving insolvency of individuals and companies.

Most recently, Hong Quan won a matrimonial appeal at the Court of Appeal together with our associate, Tan Hoe Shuen, overturning the High Court Judge’s decision below. Hong Quan looks out for client’s interests and goes to the ends of the earth to get a good result for his clients. He believes in being pragmatic and setting realistic expectations from day one. If you have a poor case, he will assess it and give you the bottom line. Clients appreciate his hard work and honesty. They know they can trust him to look out for them.  


My ex-husband and I decided to part ways but I did not know what to do. I approached Hong Quan and he was very professional in handling my divorce. He advised me on the various options available. My divorce went through smoothly with many timely updates from Hong Quan. I am grateful to have engaged him as my lawyer.

Divorce Client, 7 February 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

From consultation for companies to criminal defence and matrimonial matters, Silvester Legal LLC provides a wide range of legal services. Most of our lawyers specialise in commercial matters with a sharp focus on matters pertaining to Directors and Shareholders, business agreements reviews. We also have lawyers specializing in Criminal, Family, Trust, Regulatory and Advisory issues.

This will depend on the matter on hand, so we recommend that you drop us a note or call so we are able to discuss the matter with you in detail and provide you a quote.

All new enquires will be handled by the Managing Director, Mr. Walter Silvester, directly. He will then assign the most suitable lawyer after the 1st consultation. Mr. Silvester will also oversee all commercial disputes cases personally.

We work very closely with Clients, so at every step, you can always reach out to us for clarification or advice. We are here for you.

We will try and assess your case as best we can. In cases of dispute, a lot depends on how the other side reacts, so it is difficult to give a timeframe. Many cases are settled at mediation and do not go to trial so settlement can be surprisingly quick in some matters.

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