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LexisNexis Under 40 National Recognition Award

Silvester Legal is proud to announce that our very own Siraj Shaik Aziz has been honoured with the LexisNexis Under 40 National Recognition Award.

Siraj’s journey in the legal field began with a focus on criminal defence, where he passionately served as a Criminal Legal Aid Scheme (CLAS) Fellow. His dedication and hard work led to securing positive outcomes for numerous clients, including conditional warnings, community-based sentences, and even acquittals in both pre- and post-trial stages. His commitment extended beyond the courtroom, actively participating in the Law Society’s Criminal Practice Committee and Criminal Legal Aid Scheme Committee, all aimed at contributing to the betterment of our community.

Siraj began his rewarding career as a Disputes Lawyer after joining Silvester Legal. His affinity for oral and written advocacy, nurtured through competitive university debating and mooting, became the cornerstone of his legal career. His passion for disputes law, further fuelled by insights from experienced legal professionals, inspired him to excel in both commercial and criminal domains.

Siraj’s journey is embellished with exceptional achievements, including leading high-stakes cases in contractual disputes, shareholder and director conflicts, intellectual property infringements, and tortious claims. Notably, his determination shone through when he clinched a High Court victory in a minority oppression suit within just one year of joining Silvester Legal, prevailing against a more experienced senior litigator.

His dedication, perseverance, and the excellence he brings to the legal profession continue to shine, and we are incredibly proud of his accomplishments.

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