Dwi Heryanni

Dwi Heryanni

Bachelor of Laws (Hons) • University of London

Diploma in Management Studies • SIM Global Education

Uncompromising, Determined, Conscientious

Dwi joined Silvester Legal LLC as an experienced paralegal. She has proven herself to be a key player in the team who recognises that there is no substitute for hard work and diligent application.

At Dwi’s previous law firms, she handled civil litigation, criminal litigation and personal injury work. Her extensive experience has seen her blend in well with the wide array of legal services offered at Silvester Legal LLC.

Dwi’s passion lies in criminal law. She believes in equality and protection of rights and has a strong commitment towards justice.

Dwi excels in research and providing sound, advice on complex issues of law and fact. While she hopes to specialise in criminal law someday, Dwi has done a wide array of work while at Silvester Legal LLC.

Ultimately, Dwi will gain her right of audience before the Court and advocate for her Clients with the same determination and passion which has served them well as she works behind the scenes.

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