There can be few experiences more nerve-wrecking then being summoned to court or the police station to answer criminal charges. It is essential that you are advised well and advised early. You need to know what to expect in criminal proceedings, what you should say, what your charge entails and the sentence that you are facing in case of conviction.

The lawyers at Silvester Legal LLC will work on legal representations to the Attorney General’s Chambers to reduce the charge against you. We will also address the sentence that the prosecution is seeking. There are cases where it would be advisable to plead guilty and mitigate your sentence. This would allow you to deal with the matter quickly and get on with your life.

However, if you want to fight the charge and do not intend to plead guilty, our experienced criminal lawyers have fought criminal trials and will fight in your corner to achieve the best outcome possible for you.

Our lawyers have experience in defending white collar crimes, sexual offences, causing hurt offences, criminal force, theft charges, gambling offences, computer misuse act offences and traffic offences, among others.

We will be with you every step of the way, advising, encouraging and protecting you.


“I was charged with theft under Section 379 of the Penal Code sometime earlier this year. A friend recommended Silvester Legal LLC. Walter evaluated my case and on being told that I had an antecedent charge for the same offence, told me that the benchmark was a short custodial sentence. He said that he would work to have the prosecution agree to not ask for a custodial sentence. After some exchange of correspondence. [Read More]

BG, Criminal Defence Client

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“When I was charged with a crime, I approached Walter. The Prosecution told me that they would be seeking a total of 5 weeks jail if I pleaded guilty and more, if I choose to go for trial. Walter wrote representations. Even when he was first rejected, he never gave up hope. He advised that we proceed to trial as he felt that what I was accused of did not warrant 5 weeks in jail. 2 weeks before the 4-day trial was about to commence. [Read More]

P Krishnan, Criminal Defence Client

“The charges included a likely custodial sentence. Walter vowed to do his level best to remove any possibility of me going to jail. Over the course of the next 9 months, Walter spoke with the prosecution, wrote to them and reviewed the evidence at the investigating officer’s office. Once this was done, he wrote representations to the AGC. When the Judge expressed reservations, Walter dealt with this. Finally, it was only when I was assured that no custodial sentence would be imposed, did Walter agree to have me plead. [Read More]

GF, Charges under the Road Traffic Act

Frequently Asked Questions

From consultation for companies to criminal defence and matrimonial matters, Silvester Legal LLC provides a wide range of legal services. Most of our lawyers specialise in commercial matters with a sharp focus on matters pertaining to Directors and Shareholders, business agreements reviews. We also have lawyers specializing in Criminal, Family, Trust, Regulatory and Advisory issues.

This will depend on the matter on hand, so we recommend that you drop us a note or call so we are able to discuss the matter with you in detail and provide you a quote.

All new enquires will be handled by the Managing Director, Mr. Walter Silvester, directly. He will then assign the most suitable lawyer after the 1st consultation. Mr. Silvester will also oversee all commercial disputes cases personally.

We work very closely with Clients, so at every step, you can always reach out to us for clarification or advice. We are here for you.

We will try and assess your case as best we can. In cases of dispute, a lot depends on how the other side reacts, so it is difficult to give a timeframe. Many cases are settled at mediation and do not go to trial so settlement can be surprisingly quick in some matters.

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