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Asian Legal Business Asia Super 50 Disputes Lawyers 2023

We are proud to share the incredible journey of our esteemed Managing Director, Walter Silvester, whose commitment to legal excellence has been recognised with the esteemed Asian Legal Business Asia Super 50 Disputes Lawyers accolade. This honour stands as a testament to Walter’s unwavering dedication, his unparalleled expertise in navigating complex legal challenges, and his relentless pursuit of justice for our clients.

As the head of Silvester Legal LLC, specialising in shareholders’ and directors’ disputes, Walter has devoted nearly two decades to refining his legal acumen. His journey towards law began with an inherent desire to champion the rights of the vulnerable, an impulse that resonated deeply within him from a young age.

“I envisioned being a voice for those who couldn’t speak up for themselves,” Walter reflects.

This prestigious recognition not only celebrates his outstanding achievements but also embodies his unwavering commitment to the legal fraternity and the pursuit of legal excellence.

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