I incorporated Silvester Legal LLC after a decade top level experience at premier law firms in Singapore; Rajah & Tann LLC, Lee & Lee and Joseph Tan Jude Benny LLP I have worked with, and learnt from, the best in the business. I have gone head to head with the best in the business.


My work includes a wide variety of experience in litigation, arbitration and corporate work. Over the last decade, I have conducted appeals in the Court of Appeal and trials in the Family Court, High Court and State Courts for matrimonial, civil and criminal matters. I have assisted in a billion dollar arbitration. I have handled all manner of matrimonial work and resolved complex matrimonial disputes in the Family Division of the High Court. I also handle corporate agreements for SMEs and listed companies.


In recent years, I have specialised in high value commercial litigation, matrimonial disputes and criminal defense.


Commercial litigation because I am good at it and work intelligently and tirelessly to get the results clients want.


Matrimonial litigation and criminal defense because I believe that this is an area where I have made a difference in the lives of my clients. While these may not be the most glamorous of matters, they touch lives and allow parties to move on.


Nothing is more satisfying than seeing such battered and exhausted individuals moving on with their lives with a fair result and beginning their journey of recovery.


I aim to see you as little as possible, get the job done, give you the best result I can deliver and send you along your way. Nobody really wants to spend too much time with their lawyer.


I understand that.


Walter Silvester