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Case Commentary on: Tan You Cheng v Ng Kok Hin [2020] SGHC 237

person discussing in front of dented car

A collision on the expressway is always a distressing event for all parties. Even if one manages to escape significant bodily harm, there is still the matter of legal responsibility and insurance claims. While most such expressway collisions occur between vehicles, the case of Tan You Cheng v Ng Kok Hin involves an exceptional accident […]

Case Commentary on: Ng Kong Yeam v Kay Swee Pin [2020] SGCA 55

handing over money

If you make a share transfer to someone, when is it considered a gift? Under what circumstances could it be returned to you or your estate?   In Ng Kong Yeam (suing by Ling Towi Sing (alias Ling Chooi Seng) and others) v Kay Swee Pin, the Plaintiff had made a share transfer to the […]

Case Commentary on: Singapore Medical Council v Chua Shunjie [2020] SGHC 239

top down doctor typing on laptop

When a person is registered in the Register of Provisionally Registered Medical Practitioners (RPRMP) but his provisional registration has expired, is he still bound by the Medical Registration Act (MRA)?   Whether a doctor subject to disciplinary proceedings must be a registered medical practitioner at the time of the inquiry In Singapore Medical Council v […]

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