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Global Law Expert – International Commercial Singapore Practice Guide

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Mr. Walter Silvester, our Managing Director, was invited to be an exclusive author for the International Commercial – Singapore Practice Area Guide. The Practice Area Guides is a new service from the established Global Law Experts group that provides readers with expert advice from lawyers in their chosen specialty. The Practice Guide also assures that readers […]

What happens when a Director fails his or her duties?

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Directors are generally in charge of the company’s management and have the authority to exercise all the company’s powers. Failure to perform the duties of a director can result in significant penalties, including personal liability for any losses suffered by the company, its shareholders, and its creditors. Directors’ Duties and Responsibilities Fiduciary Duties A company’s […]

What to do if your Business Partner steals from you?


Operating funds have vanished, accounting records may have been falsified, and a secret bank account may have been discovered. In any case, you discover that one of your partners is stealing money from the company. So, what should you do now? Should you confront your business partner and risk losing everything? Criminal Breach of Trust […]

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