Succession planning is important in any business.

“Only 30 per cent of all family businesses make it to the second generation and only 3 per cent last for more than four generations or beyond.” I was not surprised when I saw this. As a commercial litigator advising founders, directors, and shareholders, I was heartened to see that there is a company in […]

What should you look out for in a Company Constitution?

The Company Constitution. The more I look into the issue of longevity, the more Japan features. Did you know that Japan’s Constitution is the oldest unamended constitution in the world? Anyways, back on point. Always pay attention to the Company Constitution. This is the document that regulates the activities of a company and sets out the procedure that governs the […]

Starting a business is often like getting married.

Everyone starts with the highest of hopes and best of intentions. It does not always end well. I have seen families and friendships torn asunder when they part ways. Just like getting a prenup, ensure that your deal with your co-founders is clear.   What should you discuss before getting into bed with a co-founder? […]

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