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Criminal Process, Part IV: Before Trial

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In this 4th of this 6-part series, we let you know what happens when an accused chooses to stand trial.   Pre-Trial Conference The accused may choose to claim trial during the mention of his/her case. Or the accused may need more time to consider what to do or consult with a lawyer before deciding. […]

Criminal Process, Part III: After the First Mention/Pleading Guilty

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This is the 3rd of this 6-part series on the criminal process. Here, we will look at what happens after an accused has been charged.   Engaging a lawyer In almost every case, it would be beneficial to engage a lawyer to assist the accused with his/her case. Of course, there may be some cases […]

Criminal Process, Part II: Formal Bringing of Charges

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This 2nd part of the criminal process looks at what happens during/after the investigations and the police decide that they are going to recommend that the accused be charged. Receive formal charge at the police station At any time during the investigation, or once investigations are complete, the police may decide to charge an individual. This […]

Criminal Process, Part I: Forming a Charge

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In the first of this 6-part series of articles on the Criminal Process, we look at what happens at the very beginning of the criminal process.   First Information Report (FIR) The First Information Report (“FIR”) is the first document prepared by the police containing information that the police received about an alleged commission of […]

Enforcing Judgments, Awards, Part III – Mediated Agreement

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There is plenty of fanfare over the fact that Singapore has a United Nations Convention named after it and among all the pretence that where a convention is signed is somehow relevant, you may be wondering what exactly this “Singapore Convention” actually does.

Enforcing Judgments: Awards, Part II – Foreign Awards

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ENFORCING JUDGMENTS & AWARDS II: ENFORCING A FOREIGN ARBITRAL AWARD IN SINGAPORE Suppose you just went through a long, tiring, expensive arbitration overseas and finally the arbitral tribunal issues an award in your favour, only to realise the other party (let’s call him the “debtor”) has their assets in Singapore, so enforcing the award in […]

Enforcing Judgment: Awards, Part I – Foreign Judgments

Let’s suppose you have a foreign judgment against someone residing in Singapore (let’s call this person the “debtor”) and you want something to be done about that judgment. Maybe the debtor owes you money now, or maybe you want to stop the debtor from restarting the case in Singapore. The point is, you want your […]

Commencing Proceedings at The SICC

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Commencement of SICC proceedings SICC proceedings can be commenced by way of: 1. Writ of Summons; or2. Originating Summons Where there is a fact that would likely be heavily contested, proceedings must commence by writ of summons. Where the sole or main question at issue pertains to construction of any written law or document, or […]

Arbitration at The SIAC: The Proceedings, Part III

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Arbitration at the SIAC – The Proceedings III “The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.” – Winston Churchill   Rule 29 – Early Dismissal of Claims and Defences Much like the proceedings in Court, parties in arbitration can apply for summary judgment and/or […]

Arbitration at The SIAC: The Proceedings, Part II

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Arbitration at the SIAC – The Proceedings II “There is a higher court than courts of justice and that is the court of conscience. It supersedes all other courts.” – Mahatma Gandhi   Rule 26 – Tribunal-Appointed Experts Unless agreed otherwise by parties, the Tribunal has the discretion to appoint an expert to assist the […]

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