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Defining Matrimonial Assets

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The Court has granted the interim divorce – now you’re left to wondering, how would your Matrimonial Assets be divided among the parties during the ancillary hearings? The distribution of matrimonial assets is left to the discretion of the court – meaning the Courts have the ultimate say – yet there can be uncommon exceptions. […]

Company Winding Up

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If you are a creditor of a company which is insolvent, you may petition to wind the company up to realise your debts. Winding up of a company is a process where the company ceases to exist and its assets are seized and realised. Any remaining monies will be used to pay off the creditors […]

Probate Application: Letters of Administration

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Where the deceased dies intestate (i.e. without a Will) or if the Will is invalid or cannot be found, the personal representative of the deceased (i.e. administrator) is required to make an application to Court for a Grant of Letters of Administration to manage the deceased’s assets. Unlike a Grant of Probate, the distribution of […]

Probate Application: Grant of Probate

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When a person who has made a Will passes away, the executor appointed in the Will has to make an application to Court for a Grant of Probate. A Grant of Probate is a court order which gives the executor the power to administer the estate and distribute the deceased’s assets in accordance with the […]

Child Abduction in Singapore

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International child abduction To many, International Child Abduction may sound exotic and alien in safe and sunny Singapore. This is not quite true   Expatriate and Cross Nationality Marriages Given the cosmopolitan nature of Singapore and the increasing number of expatriates who have come here to live and work, international child abduction in Singapore is […]

Sentencing in Criminal Law: Concurrent and Consecutive Sentences

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Casenote: Public Prosecutor v Raveen Balakrishnan [2018] SGHC 148 Magistrate’s Appeal No 9330 of 2017/01 Scenario: X faces 2 sentences of 2 years for theft and 3 years for criminal breach of trust. On conviction, the accused may spend either 3 years or 5 years in jail, depending on whether the Court decides that the […]

Commencing Divorce Proceedings in Singapore

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There may come a time when divorce is the only option. There are a multitude of considerations before you file for a divorce. This article deals with the documentation that you require to commence a divorce in Singapore.   To commence divorce proceedings, you must file the following documents in Court:   (1) Writ for […]

Drink Driving: 1st Offence

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Unfortunately, drink driving is not an uncommon charge. All it takes is a single error of judgment and you could find yourself facing a drink driving charge.   The punishment for a drink driving charge depends on many factors; primarily the concentration of alcohol, manner of driving and any damage caused. The Court will take […]

Income Tax on the Sale of Properties Intendedly Purchased as Family Homes

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Earlier this year, Channel News Asia reported that 59,000 people in Singapore owned two private properties in Singapore, while 20,000 people owned between three and ten private properties. From a wealth planning perspective, one should naturally consider the tax implications associated with the re-sale of such properties. This legal update discusses the recent case of BQY […]

Amendments to The Criminal Procedure Code And Evidence Act: Part I

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The Criminal Justice Reform and Evidence (Amendment) Bills were passed in Parliament on 19 March 2018. As stated by Indranee Rajah S.C. Minister of State for Law and Finance, these Bills build on the several changes made in the last few years to the criminal justice system.   In this article, the first of a series […]

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